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At Cites COP15 held in March 2010, the amendment proposal submitted by Tanzania and Zambia to downlist their African elephants from appendix I to II as well as their proposal for the export quota of ivory were unfortunately rejected.

In CITES, ivory export countries need to prove that they protect live elephants, manage ivories of naturally dead elephants, strengthen domestic controls including poaching countermeasures and that the number of elephants is surely on the increase. However, the present status indicates that a large sum of expenses is being required for that management. As a matter of fact, especially the elephants in southern Africa are clearly increasing.

Japan, on the other hand, is currently approved by CITES as a trading partner and under the supervision of regulatory authorities, we as an association, strictly comply with “the Law for the conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” the legislation provided to protect wildlife creatures, so that Japan can continuously keep its position as an appropriate import country. Besides, we have been making every effort towards conservation of elephants over the years.
We cherish and utilize the ivory which is a gift of Mother Nature, continue our traditional cultures and make ivory arts and crafts.

According to CITES, African elephant range states can utilize funds from ivory sales only for the conservation of elephants. In other words, elephants can be safeguarded by the ivory trade. We would like to continue our efforts in future enabling more people to understand that utilization of ivory can serve conservation.

Stabilization through CITES in the future supply of ivory as a raw material will make it possible for the producing countries to secure funds for elephant conservation and for us to produce ivory arts and crafts to hand over the traditional cultures to future generations. Therefore, we will continue to work actively to achieve that goal.

Toshio Okuma, Chairman
Tokyo Ivory Arts & Crafts Associations

Association summary

List of the officers

Director general : Sakurai minoru
Vice-director general (Tradition industry charge) : Hirata eiichiro
Vice-director general (Public infomation charge) : Kitagawa koichiro
Managing director (Public infomation charge) : Okada kazukiyo
General affairs director : Eda hiroshi
Management director : Daigo masakatsu
Account director : Tsujita toshiaki
Account director : Motohashi yasuo
Account director : Tsurumi tsuyoshi
Officer : Ishibashi yasuhiro
Officer : Daigo nobumasa
auditor : Tsuchiya yoshimaru
auditor : Tsuchiya kiichi
Advisor : Tsuge kyoichiro
Advisor : Ishibashi tamotsu
Advisor : Miyakoshi kenichiro
Counselor : Tsuchiya soichi
Advisor licensed tax accountant : Asami Accounting Firm

The development of the association

February, the 20th year of Meiji:Tokyo carving craft assembly is found.

The 37th year of Meiji : Tokyo ivory carving trade association is organized in the trader group of Tokyo carving craft assembly member.

The 16th year of Showa : Along with the enforcement of the industry association law due to the controlled economy of the wartime, Tokyo ivory carving trade association is changed to Tokyo export carving craft enterprise association.

The 21th year of Showa : After the war, by the guidance of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Tokyo export carving craft enterprise association is dissolved. Tokyo ivory arts and crafts association which included traders and craftsmen is found.

October 30, the 42nd year of Showa : Tokyo ivory arts and crafts association is dissolved, Tokyo ivory arts and crafts association is found, until now.

Business outline

(businesses which are actually done)
(1) The joint purchase of the raw material.
(2) The exchange meeting of the ivory and product
(3) The execution of the joint advertisement business
(4) Holding of the exhibition and exhibition for immediate sale

About the authorization seal

Do you know it?

A government authorization seal was stuck to the ivory processing product.

To do the Conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora more effectively,"Law for the Conservation of Species" is carried out.The authorization seal (Mark stamp) which government authorized is being attached to the ivory processing product manufactured by the ivory which obtained properly by this. 

Be satisfied with the traditional beauty of this ivory craftwork.

The skill of the tradition and the beauty of the eternity that have been succeeded to for a long time. The noble luster that is transmitted to the deep place of our hearts,and the delicate work technology which makes use of that nobility for,have taken high evaluation as the art goods with value getting over the age. Be satisfied with the deep noble taste only in the original ivory. 


List of the members of the association

Arai shoten/S-0-13-00312
6-18-10 South Shinagawa Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0004, Japan TEL 03-3474-7289
Ikeda shoten Corporation/A-020
4-5-5 Sendagi Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0022, Japan TEL 03-3827-5651 FAX 03-3827-5651
Ishibashi zougeten Corporation/00649
3-11-1 Kuramae Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0051, Japan TEL 03-3866-1484 FAX 03-3851-3573
Eda zougeten/A-140
5-9-6 Monma Miyasiromati MinamiSitama-gun Saitama 345-0823, Japan TEL 0480-32-3807 FAX 0480-32-3807
C/O Soude
1-12-5 Mukougaoka Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 118-0023, Japan
Ohkuma zouge seisakujyo Corporation/A-003
1-9-2 Kotobuki Daitou-ku Tokyo 11-0042, Japan TEL 03-3841-8648 FAX 03-3842-5658
Okada zougeten Inc./A-001
1-3-5 Komagata Daitou-ku Tokyo 111-0043, Japan TEL 03-3841-5266 FAX 03-3841-5277
Katayama seisakujyo/A-123
2-7-18 Motoki Adati-ku Tokyo 123-0853, Japan TEL 03-3889-0435 FAX 03-3889-0435
Kitagawa zougeten Corporation/A-053
8-12-10 Chouou Oota-ku Tokyo 143-0024 Japan TEL 03-3751-8151 FAX 03-3751-8166
Kitagawa zougehin seisakujyo/A-009
1-29-16 Ishihara Sumida-ku Tokyo 130-0011, Japan TEL 03-3624-0850 FAX 03-3624-0856
Koiso zougeten/A-082
1-13-11 Tomioka Koutou-ku Tokyo 135-0047, Japan TEL 03-3641-0939 FAX 03-3641-0789
Sakurai gebori seisakujyo/A-012
1-51-2 Tousincho Itabasi-ku Tokyo 174-0074, Japan TEL 03-3955-1805 FAX 03-3955-1805
Zen Nippon zouge orosiuri center Corporation/A-079
4-1-7 Kuramae Daitou-ku Tokyo 111-0051, Japan TEL 03-3863-2573 FAX 03-3851-6552
Daigo zougeten Inc./A-070
663-1 Hikawacho Souka-si Saitama 340-0034, Japan TEL 0489-25-1930 FAX 0489-25-1999
3-302 Komagome Tosima-ku Tokyo 170-0003, Japan TEL 03-3917-5026
Tsuge seisakujyo Corporation/A-041
4-3-6 Kotobuki Daitou-ku Tokyo 111-0042, Japan TEL 03-3845-1221 FAX 03-3845-1225
Tsujita shoten/A-069
4-23-5 Sendagi Bunkyou-ku Tokyo 113-0022 Japan TEL 03-3821-2287 FAX 03-3821-2287
Tsujita zougeten/A-130
2-2-3 UenoSankuragi Daitou-ku Tokyo 110-0002, Japan TEL 03-3821-4883
Tsuchiya sangyo Corporation/A-109
3-29-10 Asakusabasi Daitou-ku Tokyo 111-0053, Japan TEL 03-3861-4621 FAX 03-3864-6267
Tsurumi zougeten Corporation/A-091
1-43-16 Komagome Tosima-ku Tokyo 170-0003, Japan TEL 03-6902-9787
Hirata zougeten/A-075
3-6-4 HigasiKanda Tiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0031, Japan TEL 03-3861-3781 FAX 03-3861-3781
Makino keitei shokai/A-021
6-2-32 Yanaka Daitou-ku Tokyo 110-0001, Japan TEL 03-3821-4787 FAX 03-3822-8632
Matsuzaka zougeten/A-034
4-11-5 SotoKanda Tiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021, Japan TEL 03-3251-5018
Miyakoshi shoji Corporation/A-015
2-5-1 Misugi Daitou-ku Tokyo 111-0055, Japan TEL 03-5809-3535 FAX 03-5809-3535
Motohashi zougeten/A-058
4-23-2 Daitou Daitou-ku Tokyo 110-0016, Japan TEL 03-3831-9636 FAX 03-3835-0297
Yamamoto zougeten Inc./A-022
1-11-3 Andou Sizuoka-si Aoi-ku Tokyo 420-0882, Japan TEL 054-374-9774 FAX 054-374-9774
C/O Wakana
7-17-15 Yanaka Daitou-ku Tokyo 110-0001, Japan
RinshuDou Corporation/A-210
RSD bld. 2-37 NagaraHigasi Gihu-si Gihu 502-0082, Japan TEL 058-295-3353 FAX 058-294-0020
2-16-2 HigasiIkou Adati-ku Tokyo 121-0801, Japan TEL 03-5839-3222 FAX 03-5839-3244
Maekawa zougeten
1-15-2 Kashiwai Hanamigawa-ku Chiba-shi Chiba 262-0041, Japan  TEL 043-259-5822 FAX 043-259-5822
2-5-1 Misuji Taitoh-ku Tokyo 111-0055, Japan TEL 03-5809-3535 FAX 03-5809-3535

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